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Thread: Go to, look up the closest McDonald's to you, post some of the reviews.

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    Sitting amongst the lunatics, halfcut, at two thirty in the morning.
    I slide along the greasy bench in an effort to avoid the insane gaze of one particularly lubricated reveller.
    Whilst guiltily enjoying my death burger with fries, I glance around the room, checking out the familiar but in no way comforting surroundings of an institution I've known all my life and wonder.... when will they start a goddamn delivery service.
    What can you say?
    In a make believe world where the salads turn out to be more deadly than the cheeseburgers and the shakes don't even wobble who are you supposed to trust.
    A terrifying flame haired clown with murderous eyes?
    How about a midget dressed up as a French burglar?
    I'm loathin' it.
    If you find yourself in McDonalds in the food hall in the Arndale you need to step back and really assess your life. What went wrong? When did life become so bleak? Is there anyway you can fix this at such a low point?

    Just remember the only way is up from here. A life without cheap greasy burgers in the Arndale is a life worth living again.
    Don't get fooled by this McDonalds on St Ann's Square. Yes, it might have a relatively inoffensive shop front that isn't plastic and red, but it's still a McDonalds.

    And that means flimsy, damp burgers and overly salted fries. If I do end up here because my brain is so fried that I literally can't think of anything else to eat, then a chicken burger and chips is just about ok. And I do confess that I have had a few sausage and egg breakfast muffins in my time. But that's about it. That isn't even a once-a-month thing.

    The thing about McDonalds is that its just small portions of very processed food that is only tasty because of the huge amounts of salt over everything, nothing else. Don't get fooled, there are plenty of better places to eat around St Ann's Square.

    Yeah, pretty much.
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