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    Default GunZ 2 Thoughts and Impressions

    Being a GunZ 1 player on and off for several years I couldn't wait to try GunZ 2. So, when the Beta finally opened for NA... well... I had to wait a few more days.
    After the standard launch issues cleared up, I jumped in to see if it would live up to the hype.

    First off I was disappointed to see that they had removed customization in favor of four preset classes.

    Ivan wields a sniper rifle, katana, and SMG.
    Rena duel swords, duel pistols, and SMG.
    Elena a baseball bat, assault rifle, and nade launcher.
    Max is equipped with a riot shield, mini gun, and flame thrower.

    Each character does have a few sets of clothing and weapons to purchase, but it's cosmetic and slight stat variations. At least it means nothing is pay to win at the moment.
    The shop does sell a few cosmetic items for real money at the moment.($15 for a hat!)

    I picked Ivan and moved on to the lobby, which is your standard shooter lobby other than that(for the moment) there doesn't seem to be a way to select the room you join. You can queue up for 1-3 types of PvP.

    -Team Death Match
    -Team Elimination- Kill the entire enemy team. First to 5 wins.
    -Time Assault- Destroy the enemy teams object within a set time.

    or you can do the Co-op campaign.
    I picked PvP.

    So, now we can talk about combat.
    In GunZ 1 I despised K-Style because of how it was implemented. It was basically a glitch that the developers didn't bother to fix. For GunZ 2 I was hoping for a more refined combat system. Something fast and elegant. Something that could match the good parts of K-style and remove the bad.
    So did GunZ 2 deliver?

    Well, it can be fast. Really fast. Not just movement but TTK is really low. If you get caught in a combo, you're stun-locked and dead.

    I personally miss the epic battles from GunZ 1. Two equally skilled players could fight back and forth for minutes.

    In GunZ 2 that's replaced by a lot mindless spamming. Blocking is made almost useless by special abilities that characters gain as the level up, meaning that combat in GunZ 2 is roughly the equivalent of Call of Duty with swords.

    Despite the disappointment from the combat system, I decided to give the campaign a try. Surprisingly where the games shines. They're actually MMO instance quality missions. There are lots of waves but the require awareness, positioning, weapon and ability management to clear.
    Bosses can feature multiple stages and well scripted abilities that require a bit of thought to counter.

    I haven't finished the campaign yet but so far it's fun. The downside is there doesn't seem to be any form of reward. I have yet to get a shinny new gun or even a dirty sock. Cash gains from it are also slow in comparison to the PvP modes.

    Overall, it's a fun game despite the fact the combat is frustratingly lacking of depth. I really hope they refine it a bit more and try to get a little closer to what I liked about GunZ 1 rather than a third person version of Team Fortress 2. Still, It's free the campaign is pretty cool. Give it a try.
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