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Thread: Great Short Film (7 minutes)

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    Default Great Short Film (7 minutes)

    A great watch; opinions?

    I saw the star students as symbolism for military generals and the principal and teacher as government officials
    Kinda made me wonder if a moment of honesty and death is better than living in partial mental enslavement....
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    What is the art about it?

    I found it very simplistic in the way it gives no motive to the actors at all. The characters have no real character.

    The thing is generals are "shadow characters" to the general population. Their characters do not matter, because the people in a country will never see them, never hear about their motives, their lives, their agendas.
    The thing is one their path to becoming what they are, they know they will be scapegoats. They know their actions are reserved for situations where every decision you make comes at a loss. They have to live with a very pressing responsibility. Their duty is to their man, which they have to sacrifice. It is to their country and the world, to humanity, which they destroy. Still, they are not inherently evil and once they are needed, nothing can turn towards a good outcome, without their taking part in shaping it.
    Without them the clip wouldn't work. With them, it still doesn't for me. Life isn't that easy.

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