I've loved comics since I was a kid. However, the way they are currently sold makes it impossible to buy all the books I would like to read.

Were talking $4 for a single issue and DC alone has like 50 on-going series that interconnect. That's just not logical, especially with all the other, cheaper places people can get entertainment.

Cable- $20/mo
Hulu- $8/mo
Netflix- $10/mo

The average comic issue is around 30 pages. You can read it in 10-15 minutes. Meaning you get about 30 minutes of entertainment for the same price as a month of Hulu.

I have no idea why publishers don't offer online services to compete with this. I'd personally pay $10/month to read all the current DC issues online. Maybe make it $15/mo for access to back issues.

So, have you read comics? Do you still? What do you think about their publishing methods?