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Thread: Wand vs. Hammer: Black Gold Online gets Alpha Test Drive

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    Default Wand vs. Hammer: Black Gold Online gets Alpha Test Drive

    Crashing the world of Steampunk into a realm of high fantasy, Black Gold Online from Snail Games has punched in for an Alpha Test Drive on March 20th. Potential testers must file a survey for a chance at access, as the Test Drive will be by invitation only.

    While Black Gold Online is still in development, an earlier Alpha version of the game will be implemented for user feedback. Snail Games claims to be on the lookout for suggestions toward improvement, as they are asking for experienced gamers only.

    Testers will have 8 classes from 4 of the races available to them for diving into an environment flooded with war between sorcery and machine. From customizable mechs, vehicles and flying machines all the way to dragon mounts and war beasts, the theme of industry vs. naturalism foreshadows the inevitable resource battle on the horizon between the two factions over a newly discovered energy source.

    Alongside PvP that promises to be “brutally freestyle”, there are also PvE elements such as trap-ridden steam factories and creature infested temples available for investigation. PvE exploration combined with a ruthlessly open PvP is sure to create a chaotic struggle for the top of the totem pole.

    You can find more info and a trailer at the Black Gold Online official site.

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    Looks like fun to me, when the creatures die and freeze then burst into a bunch of smaller cubes makes me squeal like a small girl.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cy-Kill View Post
    file a survey for a chance at access
    Thanks *click*.

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    Woot lets hope to getting in for all of us! We shall break the game to no end
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    Site takes too long for me to load, didn't even tell me I had to login until a minute or three into the survey.

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    I signed up.
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