Okay so i'm going to start off by saying my friends suck. My girlfriend works a full time job and goes to school full time.
I'm focusing on school as of right now. I'm saying all this cause i know there will be one cock head in here that tells me to get to life. I have a life and when I'm not doing homework for school or with my gf or friends. I'm at home.. playing games. I choose to have my life evolve around videos games excluding the important things (school, gf, family etc)
And yes this is personal cause it's happened way to many times for me to just not say anything.
And to whoever says exactly what i said not to say. I hate you

Well...... now that that is out of the way. How are all of you beautiful people!

I'm here looking for a game to play. I've played every game above the sea! P2p f2p.
And I can't seem to find one that I can stick to. I loved maplestory and played it from beta up untill last year. I played wow but got burnt out on wow after getting to level 60. I played Neverwinter (not neverwinter nights) till end game and beat every dungeon but 2 and got burnt out on that game.

Tera does kind of bad on my computer so i can't really play it.

I just want a game that is semi-populated and is fun...
I've looked through MMOhuts game list and just can't seem to find one...

Idk what to do