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Thread: Looking for a capture monster MMO

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    Default Looking for a capture monster MMO

    I'm looking for an MMO where I can capture and turn into monsters. I know there were at least 3 mmos cute like that, only I can not remember the names. (I've tested heva clonia, and did not like: P). Any tips?

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    Holy Beast was one where you could transform, not capture. it was pretty much dead, and if it's still going, barely has any players.

    Most that do what you want nowadays usually have Open World PVP.

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    Games with shapeshifting:
    Fairyland, Achaea, Holy Beast Online, Ragnarok for DOS, Nethack, Majora's Mask (N64)...
    Quote Originally Posted by evilastro
    New games:
    Ragnarok Online 2 has a shapeshifting class called the Beastmaster.
    Guild Wars 2 lets you shapeshift into 4 were animals as a Norn character.
    Old games:
    EQ2 druids and shaman get a shapeshift ability. Not really part of how the class works, its just an illusion attached to a buff, but its a different form nonetheless.
    Vanguard shaman and druid get shapeshifts.
    Shadowbane has druids who shapeshift.
    DDO has druids that shapeshift.
    Horizons lets you play as a Dragon
    Runescape lets you shapeshift later on
    There are quite a few games with shapeshifting (druids are pretty mainstream nowadays) and many games have a polymorph spell.

    You can also read The Immortals by Tamora Pierce, or Animorphs by K.A. Applegate.

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    um the 2 capture and pet mmorpgs which seem to be the leading western ones wud be :-

    Battle of the Immortals and..

    Eudemons Online

    both supposed to have heaps of pets to capture.

    edit: omg u said turn yourself into a monster i was wondering why people were posting transform type mmos. erm.. im not sure, the only one i know is any mmo with a Druid class. Druids usually get transform into animal powers.
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    You can capture monsters in digimon online, but you can't transform in one

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