OnRPG and MMOHuts have partnered with Gamespace to celebrate the latest server launch for Original Blood with a Winter Pack valued at $10!

Original Blood is a fantasy RPG based on legends of werewolves and vampires. The game is unique in that your weapon levels up with you. You can also transfer the soul of the weapon youre using into another one that you prefer, allowing for more character customization. Each race has different advantages over the others, ensuring no one race will dominate any other.

Players can choose to be a regular human, a powerful werewolf, or a mysterious vampire. Each of these races has three classes to choose from, and each has their own advantages from one another. In this world, you weapon is your greatest friend. Blessed with the Soul Cleric ability, your weapon grows with you, developing in power as you do. Fight for survival of your own kind, and discover the truth behind the world!