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Thread: Grand Chase to transfer to Kill3rCombo

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    Default Grand Chase to transfer to Kill3rCombo

    Attention Chasers,

    To start, our entire team would like to thank every single one of our players for being an awesome community. We have really enjoyed our time with you all and couldn’t have asked for a better community.

    Once in a while, great games such as Grand Chase, face some new changes. Today we are announcing that Grand Chase's service will be transferred to a new publisher, Kill3rCombo.

    The closing agenda at Gamerage will be March 27th.

    It has taken some time, but we can finally detail what will be transferred over on your account.

    The following items WILL be transferred come March 31st:
    - All Equipment/Consumables on your account
    - Your name
    - Characters and levels
    - GP

    The following items WILL NOT be transferred come March 31st:
    - RP

    Since RP will not be making the transfer over to Kill3rCombo we have re-opened the shop for those that do not wish for their investments to go to waste.

    Finally, It was truly a pleasure being on this adventure with you all and we hope you continue to enjoy this adventure through the new publishers of Grand Chase, Kill3rCombo.

    Thank you all for this wonderful experience,
    -Grand Chase Team

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    It's only logical considering they are already hosting Elsword.

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    Makes sense and a good move.

    Always been impressed by killercombo.

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    i got an email from killercombo once saying my account had been temp banned for suspected gold selling when i'd never even actually played elsword before, so i told them to suck my balls and that i'd never play their shitty game unless they removed the stamina system

    the support rep clarified that it wasn't a stamina system and then permabanned me lololol

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