This might be a bit long post, but it covers a lot of years of gaming in mmos

I think i either played waaaay too many mmos and my expectations are too high ,making them not fun to play ( not worth my time then) OR the current mmos offer the same thing that i already been trough...for years..
(If im having fun spending my time on a game, it better be fun, otherwise its a waste of my time)


I've been playing mmos for a loooong time now. I remember my first ever "mmo" experience was playing yugioh and resident evil online on BYOND (fan made multiplayer 2d games). I was about 14 at that time and i had tons of fun playing those games, actually making friends and chatting around.

At around 15 my brother bought me Guild wars Prophecies (the original). That was my first "major" mmo/coop rpg that i played. My brother and i, with the help of the awesome guild we were in played trough all the campaings and dungeons and quests and missions and that single game gaved me 2-3 years of fun experience.

After about 2-3 years i pretty much finished everything that it had to offer me, so i decided to look for some other mmos.
Then i started playing LaTale (on the EU server aeria games used to host). The game has almost nothing similar with GW1 but it was still a amazing game .

I played that game un till the EU server shut down, and i had bad lag on OGPlanet NA server so i couldn't play it there.

So after LaTale, i found about MMOHUT, and i started looking into other mmorpgs...but i usually ended up playing them for a few weeks, a month or two and then simply quitting ( while they were fun to play for a while, eventually they become either too grindy, too pay to win, to much hackers/bots, too deserted etc).

I was even turned off by GW2 after playing it for around 8 months recently cause of a buggy dungeon that made my party and me waste 1 hour only to fail to blast open the gate at the start of the dungeon... not to mention someone from the party even used speed hacking to try to pull the mobs away from the rest of the party so they can try to carry the kegs with explosives to the door...still failed... Not to mention the other bugs,small and big.

I tried everything, from perfect world, forsaken world, Rift, tera, aion, dragon nest, eden eternal, shaiya, battle of the imortals, neverwinter,rusty hearts, 12 sky1/2, mabinogi,rohan online, LotRo,allods,maplestory, grand fantasia, soul of the ultimate nation,ragnarok, requiem , league of legends, runes of of warcraft and a whole bunch of others......heck i even tried ultima online .....

none of them seem to be fun for me anymore....

And i recently figured out why...

Besides the fact that some are just too damn grindy ( 3 weeks of hard core grinding to get from 44-45 in a game with a lvl cap of 100??) , and some are just too damn p2w ( buy -with cash- a vial of 100 000 hp/mp that replenishes your hp/mp when it gets low automatically in a game with absolutely no hp/mp regen and normal pots cost an arm and a leg..oh and when the vial runs buy another one !) And alas , some that i find extremely unique and fun are simply deserted (requiem ).

They all feel like single player games!
They all advertise them selfs as those huge MMOs with hundreds of thousands of players that you get to "play" with...but you spend all of your time leveling alone!

Go play rift, and youll be playing lvl 1-60 solo (dungeons and skirmishes/instant adventures and other instances dont count)

Im talking about the core questing, runing around and killing stuff leveling experience, which is a HUUUGE part in a mmo rpg and the best way to spend it is to be alone (cause its the only normal way to lvl...why would anyone whos lvl 40 go to a lvl 10 friend and run around in a newbie area 1 shot all the mobs he needs for his quests.... it actually ruins your friends lvling experience )

And personally thats one of the biggest problem i have with mmos... i wanna so******e, i wana hang out and chat, i wanna meet people and meet friends and play a massively multiplayer game together...instead everyone goes and does his own thing, in some games people barely even talk!! (try out neverwinter, while its a great are soloing trough quests from lvl 1-60, occasionally doing few dungeons-> WHERE NOBODY TALKS,EVER. Just so you can, after spending weeks, months in your lvl 60 char, join a end game guild and do some dungeons....)

So honestly, If anyone knows or is playing a mmorpg where you can spend most of your time playing with other people rather that spending 70% of your time running around and questing alone please do share!

In the mean time...ill be playing Dust an elysian tale, lfd2, terraria ,minecraft...even age of empires II cause to be honest...the games that i spend time on should be fun...the SINGLE PLAYER games i mentioned provide me with more fun than a MMOrpg in which you spend 70% of time questing repetitive quests alone so you can lvl up for weeks in order to get to the part of the game where everyone stops running around solo and starts grouping up for dungeons/raids/pvp...