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Thread: Alabama Lawmakers Require School Prayer?

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    Default Alabama Lawmakers Require School Prayer?

    A new bill from a Republican lawmaker in Alabama would require all schools to start each day with a 15-minute prayer session — just as Congress members do.
    Under Rep. Steve Hurst’s mandate, school days would open with the study of the procedures of Congress, followed by a word-for-word reading of the prayer that members on Capitol Hill used, the Anniston Star reported.
    Or, teachers could opt for a prayer that was aligned with that day’s lesson plan, he said.
    Another great day in America. It seems that the first amendment only applies to Christians. You should be able to practice your religion regardless of whether you are Christian, Jewish, Buddhist, Scientologist, or Atheist.

    It's basically 11th century Europe.
    You're forced to pray to a god that may not be your own. If not you could forfeit your education.
    If you're a teacher your career.
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