I was a member of the old forum (Monster and Me section only), and been here since the new forums (Syetactic, Pandemonium, Synsane).
I've been banned, abused and allowed back. I try to put my all in every post I do, because one liners, gifs and pictures plague the content of the forums now, and even I have succumb to some of it. I've led many clans and guilds for Onrpg, including English clans in Foreign MMOs and all of the Xfire groups. I've played countless MMOs with almost everyone from the Free MMO section. I've made numerous guides, and even was on the OnRPG MMO team.

Yet now a days, no one even acknowledges my posts anymore, or even knows who I am!

I feel unwanted and hated by the community here now. I know I've had some new names on the board, but damn. I've grown up with this community, but now I feel like a forgotten child.

I took a little break from the forum and have come back completely unwanted.

Why do you guys hate me so?!

Does anyone even know who I am?!


I'm going to go cry in a corner now. My gamer peers don't want me anymore. D;! Where do I belong now?!