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Thread: Elder Scrolls Online Beta with a girl!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ASNZern View Post
    ... What, am I a high-schooler first time in co-ed school or something ?
    Why is your signature so friggin' huge?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Unplayed View Post
    i do not like kacey but her business model is pretty good tbh ...

    when i watched her for 10 minutes it was like 5 minutes going:

    ...ding ...... ding ........ ding ........ ding .......

    every ding is a donation which she reads out loud. 90% are things like "you b*tch suck my d*ck" or "you are a disgrace" while 10% are things like "keep doing what you are doing you are perfect".

    when she suffers one of her "breakdowns" because of the many negative msgs the sound goes like


    in 10 minutes she got 67$. now someone tell me her businessmodel isnt going well ? (all with the brazzers like kaceytron logo and so on lol)
    Emotional abuse sadists apparently have a lot of money lying around.

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