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Thread: Eclipse War Online MMORPG Disscusion

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    Default Eclipse War Online MMORPG Disscusion

    Eclipse War Online

    Eclipse War is currently in Closed Beta Testing at Playwith Interactive! In this exciting new MMORPG you are thrust into a fantasy world where two races are battling for ultimate control of the continent, Karis. Harness the power of the living world around you and take the form of any of the monsters and beasts you find in this brand new adventure!

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    Transforming into monsters is cool but other than that it's very generic.

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    True, the graphics is not something new. Their selling point is their transformation card although there are other new feature that I'm not used to. When I tried the game, I noticed that night and day affects your character if it's transformed into something else, say a ghoul--which is more active at night. Then there's the prey and predator thing. Example is when I transformed into a rabbit and tried to attack a human soldier. It's much difficult to defeat the human as it's the natural predator of the rabbit.

    It seems interesting but I'd like to see some improvements from this game. First and foremost is the graphics. It's too "generic" like Tyria said. Another one is customization. I want an MMO where I could really customize my character--from its look to its clothing. Another one is the camera. I feel like it's not smooth enough or maybe a little difficult to deal with.

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    It's not really all that bad of a game, but it seems to be too easy.

    Also, I really hate invisible walls, they are a pain in the ass. Also, this game has the dreaded kill stealing, I hate that more than invisible walls!

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    Looks like fun to me, when the creatures die and freeze then burst into a bunch of smaller cubes makes me squeal like a small girl.

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    Looks very uninspired

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    I don't really understand why it's getting a bad rap. It looks smoother / plays better than a lot of the grinders out today.

    There's almost no character customization appearance wise, which did disappoint me. But the UI is nice and the graphics engine itself isn't terrible.

    Better than say Troy or 9Dragons. I'm just wondering if they're gonna slow down the EXP rates, I got to level 20 in no time.

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