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Thread: someone reviving dead game lols(9dragons)

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    Default someone reviving dead game lols(9dragons)

    title says all...i wonder when will this game died

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    It was ok game back then but lacked good features and graphically it was not that bretty. I will test it at friday on my browser AOW would been good alternative for this but it had shitty currency system.

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    Old news honestly, but yeah no surprise here. 9Dragons was one of the most popular games back then and really only started bombing because Acclaim goofed up and starting adding really dumb updates and revamps that killed what community the game ever had. Same deal went pretty much every other publisher + the fact that none of them saw profit in how small of a community the game had.

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    Another serve? Gamescampus has one and another group has a web based one.

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    They advertised the **** out of this game. It ended up getting a lot of players, but it also lacked a lot of content, so it lost players as fast at it grew.
    No surprise that it went down hill. Was kind of a boring MMO.
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    anyone know if this game is pay to win? im guessing it must be pay to win because gamescampus usually set sup its games to be pay to win. maybe the new distributor is not pay to win?

    looking at the combat videos this looks like mytype of fun game. if they made it not pay to win i wud play it for sure.

    many distributors of asian games seem to set up the game specifically to make it pay to win in order to actually try to make serious money (ie: attract players who like to use their money to win).

    anyone know if subagames's mmos are usually pay to win...
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