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    Default TIL: Knight Online still active

    Can someone give me a breakdown on the new changes to Knight Online since 2004?

    I think everyone could agree that Knight Online was always a good game. It was good fun and very fluid. But I don't ever remember getting far into the game. Like all I can remember is playing it for a week. Then doing it again at another date... But I always enjoyed it.

    Today I learned that the game is still up, and still active. The forums have currently 300 people online, so that means the servers probably are well populated.
    Could someone check how active the game is still?

    How have they changed their PvP system?
    How have they added to the PvE?
    Also, how is the F2P model? I believe I quit because you always got to a point where you needed premium access. Now the games website celebrates F2P, so is the game much more open to F2Pers?

    Man... very nostalgic thinking about this game. I'm amazed it's still alive, but I'm also not surprised, because it certainly was a hidden gem of an MMO.
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