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Yep. But back on subject!
Finished downloading and installing KO and decided to take the advice here and join a newer server. So far the game looks pretty populated haven't seen much spam in terms of coin buying etc. Cash shop doesn't look p2w but more about convenience(first look so don't hold me to it) also seeing people with wings and I WANT THEM! Beginning town has changed as well which is kind of a bummer since I liked leaving the gate and just heading out into the open world of knight online. Made a warrior on the orc side(no idea name of the nation) but I am hoping to go 2hander :P

They added 1 new class for each faction which is pretty cool! Ah the nostalgia...it's getting to me ;-;
Shame I have to turn in early for morning shift ;-;
But yeah games alive and kicking WELL and has quite a few servers open! Gaia being the most populated(from the looks of it). ;D

Speaking of this game, ive always been interested in it but there is zero direction in terms of where to grind and how to do anything really. Want to play together? I think i just chose the server with the "(NEW)" in the name.