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    Default Tablet MMO's

    Fellow, OnRpger's

    Does anyone know of fun MMO's I can play on my asus t100? it has 2gb of ram and a 1.33-1.83 ghz quad core and 64gb ssd with windows 8.1 pro not the rt. So far I can play RuneScape on high with it but ive been playing that for 9 years and I need a break from it for a month.

    Thank you ~Cylon

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    I've been following a game called "Albion Online" for quite a while now, they are making this amazing looking game that's cross platform and can be played on Mac, iOS, Windows, Linux, and Android.

    If you've ever played Ultima Online this game is going to have a lot of the same concepts, but even better! The game is still in alpha testing and there is no release date, but you can sign up to be in the beta at and also join the forums, the devs and community managers are VERY active, and are looking for new ideas and feed back on the game as well.

    Just to list a few of what the game has to offer:

    - Sandbox
    - Open world PvP
    - full loot on death
    - economy is driven by the players
    - f2p with micro transactions (non pay2win)
    - guild sieges
    - crafting, crafting, and more crafting!

    If any of those sound interesting to you, go check out for more information, and I'll this here for your viewing pleasure. =)

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    Bump id like some more answers as well.

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    Albion...pretty much Salem? That game that kinda failed...
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    Celes Arca and the company that makes those games make pretty decent mmo's
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