When i was younger i kinda dabbled with study things in the occult and such. Was a morbid curiosity and such. I did not attempt magic my self. As for some reason a force told me not to. But any ways ive read a few things here and there in my younger years. But i still have that morbid curiosity with the occult and voodoo. Fun fact about some of my past family. They from what i here messed with voodoo really odd right. I know magic and supernatural gifts are real. I kinda have a gift my self. I guess you can call it that. I can feel spirits and there energy either good are negative. Most of the time i feel the negative ones. I can some how sense they are there. But have yet tried to talk to them. As i dont want to venture down that path lol. There is this lady i have not asked her name. But once in a while She calls out to me by calling my name in a faint voice. Saying douglas over and over. And when i here it. I can sense she is near. I see shadows in strange forms around me sometimes. Sometimes standing near me. I believe they are demons but could as well be angels. As i am typing this i feel a presence near me and it feels quite bad. It freaks me out and to be truthful it scares me. My dreams are visions. I will share a little tiny bit of them.

Last year and a few times this year. I have had this nightmare/vision. About hell. Not really the hell from the bible. In this vision i see family members. Some i do not know and some i have still living being tortured. I do see flames but my family is not in them. Instead they are having there entrails cut out of them while they are alive. Some are having parts of there flesh cut off and being eaten in front of them while they and i watch. I do not rember all of the parts. As i have tried to forget it.

Another vison/nightmare. I saw my self. This was years ago. In a black suit. Walking about in hell watching the souls. As there flesh was being cooked in the fires. I sat there and watched and moved on and as it seems for some reason it did not phase me at all.

I trouble you guys a lot of my constant vents and rants. I will share a tiny bit of the horrors in my mind.
I see things pictures of torture in my mind. I have demons not one but many that talk and mock me every day. Night and day. 24/7 non stop. The thoughts i have in my mind is no ways normal. Conestent thoughts of well...evil. One part of me feels like i care. The rest really dont care if some one dies. And seems funny to watch others suffer I aslo see things not just shadows but creatures. They manifest them self's to me sometimes but at a very fast blink it seems. One second they are there the next gone. Any ways no more venting on this Back to my questions.

Do you believe in hexes and magic and the such?

Sorry for long post.