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Thread: 9 Dragons must be an incredible mmo, any experiences to share?

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    9dragons was a phenominal game many years ago, provided you liked suepr grind heavy games. The training of skills / mob killing is up there with any super grind heavy asian mmo you ever encountered. I grinded in this game for a ridiculous amount of time eventualy only grinding during the exp events which thankfully were quite often back in the day atleast 2-3 a week but outside of events killing 5 mobs to get .01% just hurt to much to do lol

    Outside of the crazy grinding which really is the heart of the game you train your char.. the PvP was hilarious and open world between any1 except your own race / guild. It was super broken healers were total trash in pvp but best grinders eventualy they got seals but still the pvp was very broken but fun as hell and totally level based but was some good times.

    Get a guild / students / as many friends as you can as the grinding is quite mindless having peopel to pm and chat with helps lol compared to whats on the market now I wouldnt play 9d but it did bring me like 7 months of fun or so way back when.

    Now I wait for Teso but GL to you I hope it has people playing without people playing grinding and pvping this game will die liek it did eventualy before for players.

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    me + my gf had a lot of fun in it 5 years ago. we stopped because it got too grindy in the higher levels. apart from that it was a lot of fun
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    miss that tiinkle... wonder what she play now xD

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    I had a lvl48 Brotherhood of Thieves hybrid class back in 2008 with the company that couldn't decide if 9D should go f2p or p2p and just closed it...

    Good memories.

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