SO GUYS. I'm super nervous I ****ed this up since I have almost no idea what I'm doing. I'm trying to get myself some facebook likes within the toy community, and if this goes successfully I'll be doing them with comics and video games as well!

I tried to make a link that upon clicking would ask you to like my facebook page. Upon liking it, it is supposed to show you an image, which instructs you to click it to enter the contest. You enter your email, and blam, at the end of the month you just might win my giveaway.

But, like I said...I have no idea if I did it right or not. Can one of you dudes who hasn't liked my page go through the process and let me know if it works the way it is supposed to? Feel free to enter the giveaway too, its open for everyone. I've submitted my link to a fairly large blog that may or may not post I'm wanting to make absolutely sure it's done correctly.

Here is the image/link I'll be sharing around the this and tell me if I'm doin' it right please and thanks!

AHHHH I'm so worried I'm screwing it up lmao.