I learned almost all I know from reading. Up until the 8th grade I was being taught to read and write as if I was in the 3rd grade or something. Then one day I noticed a book shelf in a classroom and asked if I could read one to pass the time. That's the moment I realized that public education will turn you into an idiot if you rely on that alone. I've read at almost a book a day since then and that's the reason I write and spell the way that I do now.

Read, read, ready and then write, write, write. Doesn't matter if you're writing on a message board, writing in a journal, writing on a blog, etc... Practice makes perfect. Reading will teach you what you need to know, and writing will help you refine what you've learned from reading. In 3-4 years of minimal effort, you'll be reading and writing at a college level. Faster if you make more effort. It takes time but it's worth it and makes life a hundred times more easy.