Wondering if anyone is planning on playing it and your thoughts on d3's future? I'm fully aware it's considered a "bust" right now especially when compared to it's predecessor, but i've read that d2 also had a slow start? Considering Blizzard is running it maybe it's got a decent chance?

I've personally played it and really like the mechanics of the game, it's really the only isometric wasd game that feels polished. I really want to try it out again because of the new crusader class. My damn account got hacked though.

Speaking of which, my quick question is if you want to play the new expansion, do you have to purchase the original game as well? I really don't feel like spending 80-100 dollars to play a game especially since i've actually already bought it and would have to re-purchase it (account got hacked).

edit: just saw they are selling a specially priced bundle for everything @ 60 bucks...not so bad