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Thread: What are your belifs on the afterlife?

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    Default What are your belifs on the afterlife?

    Share please

    Mine is a little different from the bible.

    I believe there is different levels of spiritual planes are realms. I belive if you do good or try to do good in life you get a good spiritual plane. But depending on what you did in life. For example. You live a good life. But did not forgive are had a bad habit like being a drunk. You go to a lesser plane. Then those who are more pure

    Same with negative emotions. Its the complete opposite of a good plane. You go to a plane that is negative. But i dont think all go there but who knows. You see this life is but only the start. There is many spirit realms. And from what i read/study you try to better your self in those to move on to a higher realm. Who knows maybe i am wrong.

    But from every nde i read/here they all are different and most are not really close to the bible some are but not all. Some saw a hellish realm. Some saw a peaceful realm. I read one where this guys so folks in fire. But they was not being hurt instead. They was at peace and was jokeing and loughing. Then i read one this lady went to a place. Saw her family. And was total peace. I may be wrong then i may not. But if all the after lifes were the same. Then all these ndes would aslo be the same. Hell are Peace. But they are not. I dont believe in reincarnation though. But really think about it. Why would god send some one to hell. Because the worship lets say Shiva. There is so many belifs in this world. I just dont see how Christianity is the only one that is going to heaven. If that is the case then most of the world is damned

    most if not all beliefs have a after life. a good and a bad. Who knows we all may be wrong

    demons are real. But i would think they are only in the negative realms. I know some of my visions of hell was not that close the the bible. There was fire yes. But there was other things as well. Some people were being eating alive. Some were burning. Some were just there lost and no escape. Reason i think i am going to a place like hell. Is because i never see good things. I do see demons/evil spirts. I have spoken with some. I have only seen a beings of light 3 times in my life. Reason i am trying to be faith is in hopes of getting peace. But i do have to wonder why i always see negative instead of positive. Something and i dont know what tells me i am from the abyss sometimes. There is shadows that stand beside me in my room sometimes. The form of beings i know not of. But i can sense really bad energy from them. So much hate and anger. Its up to us to choose. But really i cant seem to grasp the idea of only Christianity only being the one that gets peace after death. Why is that that atheists who have see peace when they died and came back to tell it? It states clearly in the bible. To believe in Jesus and be saved which i do. But why is atheists and other beliefs seeing peaceful realms. about ghosts. I have seen some family members that have pass and this was years ago. Stand by my bed. They were talking to me. But i could not understand them. Some i did not even know. But yet i knew who they were. Fallen angels. I rember this one time. I saw this being hovering over my bed. He had black wings. And was just looking at me. Then left. I am confused though. Do i have a gift. Are is this a curse?

    I am not trying to change peoples beliefs nor am i going against the words of god. I am just questioning it i cannot help but to question it.

    I will have my questions answered one day. As death is nearing for me each passing hour.
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