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Thread: An Apocalyptic PBBG, what are your thoughts?

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    Default An Apocalyptic PBBG, what are your thoughts?

    Hello all, I would like to share a PBBG i'm currently playing but seems to have some difficulties getting players. It's actually a good one, and i don't really understand why people isn't joining and i though to land them a hand. This is the official description.

    ApocalypticWorld is a free BMMORPG in which players play in a Apocalyptic environment and have to fight for dominance in the cities that survived the nuclear crisis.

    Earth has become an outlaw world after a nuclear crisis. Now all it remains are a few cities, trying to group up, this is now a wild world. Can you stand for it?

    === Housing ===
    Players are given a house with 5 empty rooms. Initially you have available only 2, the yard and the basement. This is a core feature of the game, because players place furnitures in their houses in order to gain statistics for their character, which influence their performance in combat and exploring the map, among other activities.

    === Scout Center & Questing ===
    There are 2 types of scout missions, patrols and exploration. Each type give benefits depending on the player statistics. You can also explore the map to search for items (also harvest, dig and mine) and complete special missions. In this map, you will also find other players, with the possibility to interact with them, healing, attacking or stealing them.

    === Player Interaction ===
    There are many aspects in the game where players can interact with each other. The Black Market to sell and buy house items, the combat system, with possibilities to steal players, put bounties on players, raid other players house and send items to them. On top of this, players can create and join guilds.

    === Craft ===
    Using the items you found on the Map, Junkyard or other ways, you can create new consumables, weapons, etc. and refine materials.

    === Other Features ===
    * Players have access to the Stash, unlocked via the Scout missions. The Stash is kind of a safe box, where players can deposit a limited amount of money, which is locked for other players with no possibilities to be stolen.

    * The Junkyard, unlocked via the Patrol missions, is an area of the city where you can dig for special and unique daily items.

    * Another way to earn money and items, is to get enrolled in a job. Players can work periodically, and in the end of the day, they will get a reward based on how much they worked.

    * Players need combat statistics to survive, and the best way to improve this, is in the Train Center, where players can raise they Strenght, Speed and Defense.

    * There's a Doctor's House, you will visit it if you are kicked by other player.

    * Stealing other players (and/or raiding their house) could be a quick way of gaining wealth, but it's a risky way, the city Sheriff is always around and there's a chance he will see you, and put you in jail for a temporary period.

    * An alternative to buy items, is the city Mall, where players will find the basic needs to play the game.

    * Frequently the city will be assaulted by bandits, players have to fight them, and if they fail, a building of the city will be destroyed and will become unavailable for some time (this buildign can be repaired by refined materials). This can be any building from the Mall to the Train Center.

    This is all good but...why should I play?
    The initial phase of the game can be a little hard if you're looking for a non-stop game since the first minute, this isn't that kind of game, you should work a little before you can do that "non-stop".

    As a matter of fact, this is a game with lots of features, and lots of items to get. That mean you always will have something missing to get and something to do when you have refilled your action stats.

    The PvP it's fun to play, but isn't the kind of you'll win always no matter what you do, you need to prepare yourself and choose your house and equipment wisely, also need to take under consideration your RES attribute before attacking, stealing or raiding.

    The dev team is made of actual players, and they are arround daily, checking in with players ways to improve the game and watching all the feedbacks they made.

    Why not give it a shoot and see where the game goes?


    Please use "Darko" on reference
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