Ever heard of the game STAR CITIZEN? Well now you have. One of the most funded games (if not the most) from Kickstarter. With over 40 million dollars raised thus far. Literally watched it rise about $5,000 in an hour today. Amazing game coming out for alpha/beta in mid/late 2014 and release early 2015. This is a game I recommend looking into and backing now, although you missed out on some good benefits from being a "veteran backer" -- this game has been in the spotlight for about a year or two atleast. I myself got in from the kickstarter early days so I get lifetime insurance and goodies. I wont post a ton of information here I am just hoping you guys will check it out and hopefully back it some more!! Speaking of backing it, they have funding goals where you reach a certain amount of total money backed to them and they give us ALL more stuff!! Check it out

Official site
Kickstarter page (inactive?)
Brief explaination of the game
Owning stations
Alien lore
Pre-Alpha "Module" in game footage