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Thread: Is it worth it to go back to FFXIV? (If not...)

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    Quote Originally Posted by sinfullfears View Post
    is there any type of trial or buddy code? i wanna try it out.
    I can try to find out if I have a buddy code of some sort, if I do I will give you it!

    Quote Originally Posted by hyarume View Post
    It is a very content-rich game, only a bit uneven on the end-game but there will be a lot of content added with 2.2, It is really enjoyable so much that I have been playing the game casual for over six months straight now :P
    I'd only be playing casually, I don't have much spare time in a given week so I'm sure the content would last me forever. I think I'm gonna subscribe, nothing else seems decent lately.

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    Here's 2.2! (in a trailer form)

    And here's 2.1 if you missed it.

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    please check out my ffxiv blog, i will be posting information along with play videos ive made, its brand new so please check back often

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    I would actually say to look at a different game. FFXIV is very polished yes... but it has implemented a flawed system. FFXIV is set up so once you hit endgame you grind grind grind for top gear, then you are done. There is nothing else to do in the game, then a new update and you grind grind grind for the NEW gear, then you are done again. Once again there is nothing to do. This is they system they implemented and this is ALL you will be doing if you play this game.

    Not to mention the horrible job implementation. All there is are tank, healer, or dps. There are no utility jobs. No jobs bring anything unique to a party because each job has their own buffs. You either heal, dps, or tank. There is no point in even leveling more than one dps job because they are all exactly the same as far as your roll in a group.

    Not to mention this game is dooming itself. It is a huge red flag when whenever new content is released, they make everything before it easier and more accessible. That just annoys me to no end. They just take away any challenge they actually had in the game. They hand everything to everyone, which isn't fun. And I am a casual gamer and feel this way!

    Then the crafting. Goodness me. The crafting is absolutely and utterly useless and just something to waste time on. I leveled 3 jobs to lvl 50 and have them geared. I NEVER purchased ANYTHING ANYONE has crafted. That just goes to show the utter uselessness of it. NO one actually needs anything you make which makes it completely lame to craft. I had no interest in it after realizing this.

    Needless to say I cancelled my sub just a while ago and am not looking back. The game was fun for a time but when you realize the crappy the endgame actually is and how they have locked themselves into this wash, rinse, repeat endgame cycle... it is not worth money.

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