Greetings ya'll, so a question has been buzzing around lately...

First a little back story. I enjoy healing/support DPS in mmorpgs, FFXIVs Scholar drew me in heavily thanks to this (and the fact I loved Sch back in XI helped too) but anyway, a question.

How is the game currently? I've heard things spanning from the game having a healthy population to it dying.

Another thing that kind of turned me off...

Does anyone know if a large amount of the population really does have "everything" capped. I left shortly after hitting 50 on my Scholar to let the game cool down and stabilize after its re-release, only to find hearsay of "the entire community" having every job/crafter/gather capped, despite the hyperbole I'd just like to know how true that statement is.

TL;DR- State of FFXIV? Population, activity etc?

If the game really is in a poor condition, anyone know any others that can give me my Healer/support DPS fill? Some examples

FFXI/XIV Scholars
La Tale Maestro
Tera Mystic (I guess?)
Dragon Nests Physician (This was my other choice, but I keep being told Phys becomes nigh-obsolete in the coming cap so...)

Thanks for the help, it is much appreciated.