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Thread: if you could live in one apocalyptic world which would you choose?

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    Default if you could live in one apocalyptic world which would you choose?

    for me it would not be zombies as much as i love them.

    any ways.

    I would live in a world where the fall of mankind happened. Would not be from a a war that had nukes used. the world would be no sun light what so ever. Very little plant life. Barely any electricity. The world would be cold. But not freezing cold. Instead cold like death. The world would be a dark place with strange creatures lurking in the shadows. Gas mask would not be required but to be able to protect your self from elements of what ever there is. Bodies would be around. But since there is not heat and no flys and bugs to eat on there flesh. They barely rot. The world would be bleek and dark and no life about it what so ever. Barely any humans left. only one percent of the world population remains and are scattered far and few. The food is aslo very little. People resort to eating rats and what ever they can find. But dont forget food is sparse. So cannibalism is the normal to survive this harsh world. The water is ridden to to the disease of human bodies. Only very little water that is clean is left. Buildings made of human flesh and bones. Would be one of the sights. No clean clothing. The clothing would be something out of a horror movie. Since there is little animals left. People would be making clothing out of the skin of dead people. Turning it into leather. And what little clothing there was. There would be many killings. The sounds of this world would be dark. So dark infact you could feel it. You would here screams of people. Since for some reason. Sound would echo many miles in this world. The creatures would not be from hell. But would seem like it. No one would no where they came from. They would be very evil and hunt people down. There bodys features would be many. They would be death them selfs. There skin twisted and ridden with filth. There eyes as black as the darkest dark in the world. But the other side of the coin. There would not be many of them as well. You walk miles and miles and probly not see another soul around you. But the stench of decay and death will be all around you. The sights would be darkness but yet you can see. The world be grey. No life what so ever. Governments long gone. Mankind long gone. Society falling. There would be no friend ship. No love. No care. No emotions in this world. It would be a forgotten world. The many seas would be gone. No rain. No sunlight. No heat. Nothing. Could go on with this. But this is enough for now

    your turn guys
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