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Thread: Tera and Aura Kingdom.

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    Default Tera and Aura Kingdom.

    I have been doing some heavy browsing around the forums, and around the internet. I have seen that people suggest these 2 games that catch my eye. I'm not a heavy gamer, let me tell you that. When I do play a game though, I get complete satisfaction out of it.

    My only problem is... When I try to register for Tera, it won't let me. I tried 4 browsers to register, and nothing.
    My problem with Aura Kingdom is.. I've been stuck at "Starting Download" and it hasn't moved for over 2 hours. I've did a little research and google, but no one seems to post an answer that can help mine.

    Edit: My question is, does anyone here have a solution to this? Or have come across a problem similar to mine?
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    Hey there dude.

    I haven't had any of the issues you mentioned with any of the two. These problems seem very specific.
    Try doing a search on any of their forums and see if something pops up. It's probably your best bet.

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    Are you registering for the enmasse TERA? Or the EU/UK TERA?

    The latter is frogster, and never should be touched.

    As for Aura Kingdom, is it the launcher? Or the Aeria downloader? If it's the latter, use this instead:

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    TERA is region locked. So if you live in Asia, you have register to the japanese or korean TERA. If you live in NA, the USA TERA, and so on and so on. The Korean, USA, and Japanese servers are the best ones. UK TERA sucks. Ask any EU player.
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