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Thread: Dubs is thinking again but relgion again

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    Default Dubs is thinking again but religion again

    So i was talking to trey last night. About religion and other stuff. As you guys know i am a christian but before you stop there let me say something. My beliefs aren't traditional. I read the bible yes. But not all the time. But i cannot help but to question things. In the bible it says if you don't believe in Jesus and accept hims as your savior your going to hell right? but why is that. dose this mean everyone in the world is going to hell because they either don't believe in Jesus are the christian god? there is so many faiths in this world. Some don't even believe in a afterlife. Why is it only those of the christian faith get to go to heaven. I just don't see it. There was faiths before Judaism. Christianity and Islam. Before the christian god was even mentioned. Dose this mean they automatically go to hell? i really cannot grasp the idea of everyone going to hell. It dose not fit in the puzzle. Like trey said if you think about it everyone is going to hell. Because what faith is right and which is wrong? It really don't add up it just don't. My self i believe in a supreme being yes. And i prey to him. But who really is god? who is jesus. people know god in there own way. Some call him different names. what is the afterlife. what is hell. is it really a place of torment.Or is it a place for the dead to rest. What is heaven. Is it a place to be in peace and be with your loved one. I don't see it. There is so many cases of near death experiences. I just watched a video not to long ago on a study of ndes. They hooked the dead person up. and watched the brain waves. He was brain dead. But as soon as his blood pressure went to zero. His brain waves spiked for three minutes. Which is what they think of as a nde. As from i have read many many times. Ndes only last 3 mins. So then what? What happens after. Do we just rot. Are we reborn into a new life. Are is there a spirit world where we all go :which is what i believe: hell very well could be real. Same with heaven. But i think the bible got it a little wrong. There is still places in this world. Where they have not even heard of god. Nor Jesus. So i guess they go straight to hell right? any ways that is enough i don't want other to change there beliefs. and i could keep writing this post but i will leave here. if i am wrong on what i am typing then may the lord forgive me.
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