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Thread: Any Warframe Players?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Azriel2k3 View Post
    I wouldn't go hopping into T3 Survivals into you have a weapon that you've put a decent chunk of forma into (to fix max lvl mods) so that you can damage the higher level enemies once you hit the 20 min mark and higher. I'd like to also point out that if you do run T3 survival (well any void missions for that matter) then try and put corrosive damage (lightning and toxic mods) on your weapon to boost the damage you do. If you want to be needed regardless then Nova is a good frame to have, Nekros is also desired to speed up farm but you need to invest more into him than you would a nova.
    I have a Potatoed Boltor, Kunai and Mag and I usually roll with these mods and can usually do about 40 mins or so regular survival if I'm careful, so that should be ok? Haven't got Nova and Nekros yet though might go farm their parts later. Currently have Ember, Ash, Mag, Nyx, Valkyr while Rhino and Oberon are cooking.

    Do you happen to know how well Power + Duration works with Valkyr's Hysteria in the Void?
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