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Thread: Anything similar to Shining Soul 2?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sinnoh View Post
    Currently am actually playing PoE right now as I type this. I only touched Diablo 3 for a little and it wasn't my thing (lack of variety I guess, no consequence playstyle.)

    As of now the only reason I ask is because I finished Shining Soul 2 recently (again), and the replay value drops continuously. As of right now I'm just trying another time killer and a gaming community that is active and plays MMORPGS.
    I'd suggest checking out Roguelikes then such as Cladun X2 or Sword of the Stars.
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    Imo, Diablo 2 and even Diablo 1 are much better than 3.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kashis View Post
    I'd suggest checking out Roguelikes then such as Cladun X2 or Sword of the Stars.
    Yay, key word. I couldn't think of it. This definitely helped. I've never actually tried D2 but a ton of people say PoE is pretty much the same thing just more variety and desyncs haha.
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