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LOVE that image Hahahaha. Thanks for this list though! I heard of mu rebirth? Know anything about that?

Definitely understandable.

On another note..
Most isometric games are gear dependant, any isometric games out there that use wasd movement?

MU rebirth has concluded its second Beta period. I don't see any news about its upcoming 3rd Beta. That's understandable though. I usually play MMORPGs on beta and most of the time, we help the developers improve their game. Like the last one I played: Eclipse War Online. Games like that has tons of things that needed attention. Both of them (MU and EWAR) has been released before. So in a way, it's like testing the waters first. They check how many users logged in, collects feedback from beta players and it might take take a few months to relaunch coz they need to consider some changes. The most fun MMORPG I beta-tested is Ragnarok Online. When it was first launched, the number of players reached 15K+. And that's just 1 server (Chaos). The lag is horrible but still fun nonetheless.