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Thread: LF a MMORPG For a Low-ish system

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    Question LF a MMORPG For a Low-ish system

    I am looking for a mmorpg for my laptop which has the following specs
    -Intel(R) 915GM . (but with 128mb video RAM)
    -Intel(R) Pentium(R) M processor 1.80GHz
    -1 GB Ram
    I have played PWI for about 4 years but got tired of a few stuff in it but i want to find a mmo with features similiar
    to it and also want the following features
    - Free to Play (with almost everything available for free players)
    - 3d + Non Anime Graphics
    - A Decent amount of Player base
    Some Features that i would want in the game BUT are not necessary:-
    - Good Character Customization
    - Some Planning needed while playing
    - Housing system
    - Decent Pvp
    - Non Paying Players to Actually stand a chance against paying ones
    - Open World
    - A relatively recent game Or a game with a new Server
    - A game in which reaching end game content will feel rewarding (i.e not many ppl have maxed levels)
    - Good Dungeons
    - Fun Gameplay
    - A game with the ability to control more than one characters (like in dragon age / star wars KOTOR ...
    ..This is the only exception for anime or 2d graphics for me though :P)
    - Less than 10 Gb Download
    Ty in Advance
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