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Thread: Diablo 3 is now 50% off!

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    Tried all classes under the free chapter. Game's played easy, doesn't require skill (and i believe is doesnt even at 70+). In others words - D3 is a good timekiller.

    Please correct me if i say BS. And is there any info if more multiplayer options come up someday? I wish they've added Auction Houses.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aefoa View Post
    I wish they've added Auction Houses.
    you must be new here. Auction House actually was released with the game's official launch last year (or was it 2 years ago? don't remember) along with an RMT feature for it. Recently Blizzard scrapped AH altogether (1 week b4 RoS release in fact) because of the exploits and the harm it was causing to the game economy and community.

    now, the only way to "beat" the game by acquiring the top-end gear is through sheer dungeoning and grinding and hoping RNG gods are in your favor.
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