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    Hey I am new here, I did want to mention a FTP MMO..

    Wizardry Online is a dying MMORPG that many people still enjoy playing. The community within Wizardry Online was a tight-knitted one and a heavily PVP oriented one as well. I would best describe the community as a "compact" one. The game itself is a hardcore MMO. Its a typical dungeon crawler featuring countless mobs [the exact ones within this this video that GM Dartok is spawning in Twilight Alley-A safe haven for criminal players] and those mobs will reduce your Hit Points greatly if you don't know what you are doing, either that or they will just end up killing you with one blow. Another feature that this game has, which is a greatly forgiving feature I might add, is the chance to permanently lose your character AGAIN if you don't know what you are doing. Imagine having a high level character along with its items, gone forever. Again, that feature is a highly forgiving one. It still exists, though.. I have lost a character myself.

    Another feature that everyone loves about this MMO, is the fact that you can change classes and create your own personal build for your characters. There are a total of four classes in which you can bring certain skills from the classes that you need them from and class change however many number of times until your build is complete. You have a max of 5 skill slots and with each class change you are automatically reduced to level 1. That's right, Level 1 [one] And did I mention how tough grinding can be? Grinding can be devastatingly time consuming. But with each level you get that over whelming accomplished feeling and when you have completed a build it is euphoric.

    Wizardry Online isn't for everyone but if you really want a challenge, if you really want to earn something, then Wizardry Online might be for you. If you want to spend an hours worth of grinding among PVP'ers to achieve that last level you need to class change, then this Game may be your cup of tea. It may be dying but there is still heart left in Wizardry Online. All this information is just the tip of the iceberg...

    Currently, there is a petition to help save Wizardry Online. It may not be much but its all we have. This game is full of hardcore fighters and believe me when I say none of us are going down without a fight! If you think you want to be a part of Wizardry Online's community, by all means download the game while you can and see for yourself how great it is!

    Check out my website as well if you think you might be interested.


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