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Thread: League of Legends Season 4 Review

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    Default League of Legends Season 4 Review

    Ragachak updates our review on League of Legends to reflect season 4 changes.
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    Might as well call this LTTP review when it first got released. What was even the point of this review? Put gameplay and music as a way to categorize a review? Half-assed if you ask me. In fact, this wasn't even a review at all.

    If you didn't bother checking Hexakill and you didn't even mention Snowdown Showdown why even put it there? Okay, we have a cosplayer with a picture that doesn't pertain to League (yes I did check her facebook with battlebunny riven picture), so why put it there?

    The biggest problem I have is that you're downplaying a lot of the mechanics because of player ineptness in using the new changes. Going with the player argument, you state that most of your issues with ranked was due to players' fault for not making it enjoyable. If the mechanics of the game are great, but you downplay the idea because of the players, that's kind of a bit annoying isn't it?

    Now for your feature grade, which right here

    While I laud Riot for making cool features and game modes like ARAM (All Random), the other cool modes often vanish as swiftly as they appear. I did not even get to enjoy Hexakill, and All For One disappeared just as fast. The downside of playing MOBAs is that there is not a lot of variety in game modes; you log in, and you play the same maps you play every time. This can become incredibly tiring, no matter how much you love the gameplay.
    You fail to mention about the ward changes, support itemization changes, and the brush changes. Instead you focus on the different game maps that were only designed to be a test run by Riot to see if they were feasible to play or not. You assume as a result the features were lacking because "MOBAs have no variety." I really honestly don't know what you trying to point out with this review, but it seemed like you just needed that monthly quota just to put an article commission in your paypal account.

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