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Thread: QuestWorld - Indie Retro MMORPG

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    Lightbulb QuestWorld - Indie Retro MMORPG

    So I was browsing the MMORPG reddit for a new mmo to play, and I came across someone talking about the game QuestWorld. It's a retro 2d MMORPG that's actually really fun and addicting. Just try it out and you'll see what I mean.

    The PVP arena gets really crazy too its hilarious. Come join us, were just spreading the game by word of mouth. Look for me in game, I'm udunson.

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    I've seen that game and sorry I'm not interested. I'm not into browser MMO games. I prefer MMORPGs where I download a client (Like Ragnarok or Eclipse War). The only MMO game I played on a browser is Wartune.

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