Well its time for me to leave onrpg for a while. I know i have said this before. But this time it is true. I am a crazy person in my own way so i am leaveing onrpg for a while and need time to re settle my self. I enjoyed being here with you guys. And while some hate me some i think some liked me. I will miss you all. But it is time for my farewell. At this time i can not control some of what i say which leads to some people getting angered which i understand and for that i am sorry. I never wished harm on to any of you here at onrpg. And i am in the wrong for making so many useless thread which do not belong here. I ask the admins for them to close my account if you dont mind. Its time for me to do something with my life in which i dont know how at this time. I got a lot of health problems in which need taking care of. And a lot of mental problems which as need taking care of and which do not need to be posted on a public forum. I dont cry for attention. But the reason i make my posts and thread is because i am very lonely and just need some one to talk to. But who cares right? i love you all which is odd because i dont truly know what love is but i am learning it. I hope each and every one of you guys here at onrpg will have great lives and do many great things. Who knows mabye i will get good with music? i doubt though. I know i drive some of you guys crazy i am sorry. To hamster i know you hate me which i understand 100% but please understand my point of view. If you just knew the things that happened to me while i was growing up you just might would understand. I do forgive you and everyone else who dont like me. Who knows one day one of you guys might just meet me in real and life. This is my farewell. Thank you onrpg for letting me be here. But its time for me to take my leave. Admins please close this account i have no need for it any more.

Bye guys