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Hello Everyone,

As we all get ready for the exciting lauch of the Black Gold Online Alpha Test Drive, we wanted to address some questions forum-goers had about the Alpha's Non-Disclosure Agreement.

During the Alpha, we request players not post their screen shots or stream game videos. Not on the forum, on Facebook, or anywhere. As the Alpha's version is still in development, we hope that players will save all their awesome game content for later testing with more polished versions of the game.

There will be an official forum section reserved specifically for the Alpha Test. Although the General Discussion section will still be open and free for whatever members want to discuss, the Test Forum will have more focused sections about different game features, and we hope players will keep their discussions relevant to a give topic.

Within the Test Forum, we encourage testers to speak freely and offer their thoughts, comments, and criticisms.

We look forward to hearing what everyone things, and we'll see you in the game.

The BGO Team

Thursday, 20 March 2014, 13:23:19 EST

40 min left i guess ?

2hrs left. The test starts at 4pm CS/DT, 2PM PDT. Right now it's 2PM CST.