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Thread: Heroes and Generals - the game is epic

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jin-Roh View Post
    I haven't played in awhile, but I might as well point out that it's the fault of the Allies if you lack tanks. (old man voice) Back in my day, the Allies had more tanks.
    yeah to be honest it's kinda unplayable for the ALLIES, as much as I like this game the unbalanced fights unless you get tanks in your fight make me think of this as a poor mans red orchestra where the germans are to spot out, unless your put your settings to low (didn't have this problem when i was on the axis, allies are easy to see rummaging and it's because most the zones are either yellow or brownish blackish or grey... which their dark grey uniforms can mend with quite well) again I feel you need to fix things when playing on low is the best way to play your game
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    Got back into the game since this was posted and I am having a ton of fun. I found this teamspeak from there forums which is "Allied Command" ts3 and you can play with good players and roll germans! ive seen about 50+ active members on daily all mixed international and speak english. During 1-6 pm est the Germans cant beat us (i dont player after 6 since i usually have csgo practice.) Bunch of fun.
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    awesome war game, with bikes xD

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    sounds like fun i thought it wud be much like B%1942 but it looks like it has expanded into a war theatre.. great! i might give it a try later, love the video review!
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