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Thread: try this game out READ COMPLETELY B4 NOT TRYING THE GAME

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    Cool try this game out READ COMPLETELY B4 NOT TRYING THE GAME

    free to play fps/tps. like star wars battlefront, battlefield and socom put together. very fun even playing with a small amount of people trust me. check servers daily it can get populated. but still fun with less people. best f2p shooter ive played trust me. just try it. the more of you play the more it gets populated. tell your friends about it. lots of guns and vehicles. remember even fun with a small amount of people. but servers can get really populated. try it and youll will like it. I also ask for a mod that has improved 3d graphics and also has even more weapons and vehicles so if you wanna play with like close to current gen graphics here:
    MODS ARENT DONE YET theyre working on it >>>>>>> <<<<<<<<<<<<also have a video preview heres more mods > MODS ARENT DONE YET PLEASE WAIT THEYRE WORKING ON IT MY MISTAKE check soldner official website forums under name krabby I tell you when its done or check to check yourself game download and official site>>>>> <<<<<<<<<<<<<
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