We know some of you are on the edge of your seats awaiting info, and we have some updates to announce. Currently translation is in progress for Korean to English, so it is confirmed we will be using the new v2 Clients for those familiar.

Next is to answer a big question many are unaware of: "Will we have our previous account info?"

The answer to this sadly is no. Given that IG has dropped out of the picture this will be a new Publisher so they do not have access to the data that IG holds which is IG's property. So no you will have to start over however for many veterans this may be good news as there won't be worries of who had hacked or duped items etc.

Security wise: Things are being redesigned from the inside and out as security is a BIG concern due to the previous issues seen with the previous publisher. Actions are being taken to prevent this and by prevent we don't mean IP block we mean blocking exploits and improving security. Yes there will always be a way around something however part of the agreement with the developers is to ensure that when something comes up that it is quickly patched or the source found and fixed.

Server locations: They will be hosting both NA and EU and have provisioned hardware to support this via both sides to minimize/eliminate lag for either party ( NA or EU ) this will introduce a larger community, giving more room for parties, items, sales ( Ira's Market) and guild's.

The Publisher will announce themselves shortly so stay tuned. Keep spreading the word as we'll be booming once things are announced officially. Currently their Goal for opening is sometime in May so we're a little more than a month out, though once active they will be taking questions and providing as much feedback as allowed.

Stay tuned and keep up with us at the official fansite for information and updates. You can also come chat with us at Hope to see all of you there! Stay tuned!