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Thread: Helping a friend build himself a gaming rig.

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    Post Helping a friend build himself a gaming rig.

    I'm long winded and like to be descriptive, skip to TL;DR if you desire, I won't mind.

    Howdy Snow and friends, my friend came to me wanting me to select parts for him to put together for a gaming pc. $800 budget, and he wants it to run the current top games at max or near.(excluding cyrsis and such)
    "sure" I said, not thinking it would be too difficult being that my computer from '10 can run most newer games at high(not ultra/max) or highish settings(excluding crysis and BF4 DX11) with max draw distance at a stable 50-55 fps and that was less than $800.

    Sadly it seems I'm having a bit more trouble than anticipated. After looking at and comparing parts it seems that a full build at $800 is leaving me with either bottlenecking or poor longevity.

    Then I remembered I have my old GTS 450 card. Capable, can run tESO on highish(polished but lacking good shadows and such to keep framerate) which is one of his anticipated games. He can use my old card, save up a little for a few months and get something like a GTX 770 while avoiding bottlenecking and still having longevity both in current performance and future upgrades.

    GPU-less tower, with intent to put something along the lines of GTX 760 or 770 in it down the road while a GTS 450 holds the line. Want your opinions&thoughts, as I don't stay in the know since I simply build as I need to. Asking for "proofreading" and possible suggestions, really.

    (Total: $748.90)
    I would have gone with the tower I have, but what with his higher end performance desires more free space+better cord management would be desirable.

    Thanks fellas

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    Change the processor to an i5-4670K, it will make that motherboard incompatible though. If you're hellbent on using ASRock, then here:


    along with the processor I just suggested. 1155 socket is compatible with 3000 series fans.

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