I don't know much about computers. give/list me recommendations of parts. must keep under 750USD total

case- must have 3 or more big fans

mobo- must have 64gb ram support, have at least 4 ram slots, have slots for 2 PCIe x16 3.0, 8+ usb ports, ps/2 port, sli/crossfire ready.

cpu- must be 3.2ghz or more, at least quad core, I prefer amd

video card- must be able to play the most graphic intensive games on max/ultra at least 25 fps, but only need 25 fps, 2gb

psu- must be at least 750w

hdd- must be at least 320gb only 5400 rpm

optical drive- must be hp, dont need Blu-ray,

os- at least windows 7 dont care which kind. 64 bit

give me total cost. tell me if Im missing something.