• If you feel tired during an exam, take a nap. You will wake up refreshed and motivated to finish all the questions.
  • Demonstrate your attentiveness in class by maintaining unwavering eye contact with the instructor the entire time.
  • Reward good behavior from your classmates with a biscuit and an enthusiastic "Good boy!"
  • Plagiarism is punishable by ten lashes.
  • Instructors admire chutzpah; give THEM an exam!
  • Set an alarm for every five minutes during your exam so you don't lose track of time.
  • Play Christmas music from a stereo during class, fellow students will relax and enjoy the festive atmosphere it creates.
  • Winking at the person next to you in class can help break the ice when finding people to study with.
  • Don't risk being late to class, bring a tent and spend the night in the hallway before your first class.