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Thread: Monster Hunter Clone?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jermatoo View Post
    It does actually. Not only do you get specific boss drops for gear and weapons but some bosses and even enemies drop parts/weapons they carried which give you either a new temp weapon to use or a buff. It's the closest thing to Monster Hunter out there until people can get into and play the chinese MH mmo coming out.

    And Arcreon you're thinking of Hunter Blade. The cash shop imo didn't mean shit, it was the copyrighted shit it had in it like the cat alien guys from avatar and kratos from god of war as cash shop costumes that killed the game. I had a blast playing it for as long as I did. Well it was the copyrighted stuff and the fact that the devs took far too long to release any updates.
    yeah i remember the obviously copyright shit, but i tohught there were crafting items in shop as well.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Acreon View Post
    yeah i remember the obviously copyright shit, but i tohught there were crafting items in shop as well.
    Only for some of the end game weapons which turns out in the long run were complete and utter dogshit compared to ones you could just farm for yourself instead. Really, the only thing that killed the game was the lack of any real support for bug fixes and lack of any real content updates instead only adding more and more shit no one ever bought from the cash shop.

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    Try Ragnarok Odyessey Ace for ps3. Still fairly new. Came out April 1 st.

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    Same I recently purchase Ragnarok Ace for PSVITA since the region is FREE or all. meaning if you have Asia or US account you can play online.

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