Hiya all! I am looking for people to explore and enjoy MMOs with. I would consider myself friendly and don't mind any type of peoples as long as they can take and use sarcasm,( :P ) and know the basics of an MMO. I have played many games before like Global Agenda, Rift, Wow, Eden eternal, Guild wars 2, Raiderz, Vindictus, Elsword, Grandchase, Neosteam, Seven souls (now shut down), Warframe, Fire fall, Neverwinter, Tera, War Thunder, Dragon's Nest, and many more which names i have forgotten over time. After all my time in MMOs I have realized that no matter what type of game you play it can get boring if you don't have people to play it with. For me I find it difficult to stick to one game for a long amount of time before getting bored. I have come here to try to create a sort of guild for people who want to try to experience and enjoy many types of games with many people because sometimes it can get lonely. I will post this among many gaming sites to get as many people interested as possible. If you are interest in this proposition then respond on this forum or email me at Feremist@gmail.c*m . Thank you all for reading this and please do not criticize .