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    Default Divergent

    Well, the wife insisted that we go see Divergent. I said no.
    So... we went to see Divergent.

    By about 20 minutes in, I knew how the three part movie series would end.

    Everyone dies of AIDS.

    Seriously, one scene involves about 300 people slicing their hand with the same knife and dripping blood into bowls.
    It's something every 16 year old has to do.

    Then they have the constant reuse of medical needles.

    I don't care if they survive a storm of bullets and 40 foot monsters breaking their Attack on Titan-ish wall. Theyre going to die the first time a bad cold bug hits. :/
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    It is all about the diffrence between what you put into the box of "must happen" and the one with "could happen".

    I personally have found out that movies are most enjoyable when you don't start some inane speculation about chances. If it doesn't happen in the movie, it just doesn't happen. Even if you are convinced it's really really really likely, as soon as there is a chance it doesn't, the movie still works.

    You think that they would all get the flu, but they don't. That kinda ends it.
    People not getting the flu does not obviousely break any laws of physics or violate time and space. Could be worse.
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    Stay frosty.

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    So you're okay with 40 foot monsters, but the idea that AIDS may have been eradicated is too far fetched?

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